Stand-By One!


 In 1969, Vernon Grant drew upon his ten years of Army life to create 64 cartoons for his book, STAND-BY ONE! The topics range from preparing for battle to sexual themes to references to the Viet-Cong and the weather. Two officers are looking at a map of Vietnam, one says to the other, “In case you are captured, you can eat the message…I had it printed on rolled pizza!”  Two soldiers are sitting in a fox hole, with a helicopter hovering above. One is reading a Playboy magazine, exclaiming, “Yessir…all the essentials delivered by air!”  A scene in the jungle shows three Viet Cong who have set up dynamite next to stacks of beer containers, gleefully exclaiming, “Now we’ll blast ‘em where it hurts the most!”  Pictured are four soldiers, wrapped in towels, bars of soap in hand, standing outside, imploring the heavens, “Oh mighty monsoon, daily washer of soiled soldiers, and Do yer stuff for Vietnam’s dirtiest fire team!” The humor is universal, even to civilians, and will bring laughter to service people of all eras.   



"If you liked Beetle Bailey, then you'll LOVE STAND-BY ONE!   As an artist, Vernon Grant is the best kept secret of the comic industry.  Combining his keen wit and an artful pen, Grant has created a masterful comic that captures the spirit of the front-line soldier in Vietnam.  After reading STAND-BY ONE! I am convinced that Vernon Grant could have been the next Bill Mauldin."

Mike Guardia, U.S. Army Veteran, author of Hal Moore: A Soldier Once…and Always and The Fires of Babylon

 I had the honor to meet Vernon and Betsy Grant years ago. Vernon was a man of great humility with an extraordinary talent of creating great cartoons that are very poignant and humorous. Having served over seas in the military I am especially fond of Vernon’s military cartoons. It was very important in Vernon’s works that minorities were included. Upon arriving in Vietnam during the late sixties I saw more people of color than I had in my entire life. Vernon Grant recognized this in his humor. He helped to advance camaraderie within the military's mixed racial dichotomy. During the Vietnam Conflict to those of us who were in combat, Vernon’s cartoons and Dear Abby were our favorite reading in Stars and Stripes because they momentarily moved our minds from the inhumanity of war. We most appreciated this small luxury. To quote a Vernon Grant cartoon “I am anti war, anti draft, anti fight. ...Butcha might say I am pro living. So right now I am anti Viet Cong,” as they rushed off into combat.

Henry Van Laarhoven, USMC E4 Vietnam 1966 and 1967


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