Adventures of Point-Man Palmer

 Adventures of Point-Man Palmer in Vietnam is Vernon Grant's story about U.S. Army life in the 1960s as told through his cartoons with his unique sense of humor. Grant's biography opens the book. Illustrations include cartoons drawn for the Pacific Stars and Stripes and his OCS Classbook, as well as a previously unpublished cartoon story about the need for radios for the foot soldier. The book concludes with selections from Stand-By One! and the complete book of Point-Man Palmer and His Girlfriend "Invisible Peppermint" Vietnam. 

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The latest review on Amazon was by Harlan

"I enjoyed the humor illustrated in this book even though I did not serve during the Vietnam War. The book did allow me, in a fun way, to recall a variety of my personal Army experiences. It was always a treat having someone in your company that could find humor in any situation no matter how dire things might be. It looks like Vernon was that type of guy. It would have been a joy to have this very clever, perceptive and insightful soldier in our midst, enjoying his satire and interesting analysis of military life. Vernon taps into the ultimate reliever of stress, laughter."

A great review of my book appeared on Amazon  was  written by Mike Guardia who has written 7 military history books since 2011, his best known one being " Hal Moore: A Soldier Once. and Always which is a biography of Lt. General Hal Moore , a well known officer in the Vietnam War. This is an excerpt from Mike's biography on Amazon. Mike Guardia is an internationally recognized author and military historian. A veteran of the United States Army, he served six years on active duty as an Armor Officer. He is the author of the widely-acclaimed "Hal Moore: A Soldier Once...and Always," the first-ever biography chronicling the life of LTG Harold G. Moore, whose battlefield leadership was popularized by the film "We Were Soldiers," starring Mel Gibson. He has twice been nominated for the Army Historical Foundation's Distinguished Book Award and is an active member of the Military Writers Society of America. I highly recommend his Hal Moore book, very interesting to read.  

 "If you like Beetle Bailey, you'll love Point-Man Palmer!
By M. Guardia on January 19, 2015
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An excellent book by Betsy Grant showcasing the artistic talent of her late husband, Vernon. Grant's work reflects his experiences in Vietnam and, through artistic talent and consummate humor, he was able to capture the GI spirit " 

I sent one of my “Adventures” books to Mort Dean, a former CBS and ABC newsman who also was a Vietnam war correspondent, seeking his assessment of the book. Following are his comments. Looking at the site will also be well worth your time. 

Ms. Grant 

Oh yes. I received it. And have looked at it page by page. Great idea & excellent work not only by Vernon but by you as well….Thank you for thinking of me. I'm honored. Point-Man Palmer arrives on the scene at a good time - Over the next few years the men & women who served in Vietnam during the war will be remembered & honored by a number of commemoratives - TV documentaries, US government sponsored events, etc etc etc, all part of marking the "beginning" of the war, the date of which is uncertain because of the trickle, then flood of Americans who were sent to Vietnam. 

Our road trip (he had just returned from) took us to a Vietnam War CBS News Saigon Bureau reunion In Washington & also to a San Diego reunion of a Medevac group I reported on during the war. The group is featured in a project I'm working on which can be found at If a young Mort with excessive sideburns pops onto the screen you're in the right place. Let me know what you think of the effort. And again, congratulations on your book. There is, I think, a ready audience out there of vets & their families who are more & more receptive to reading & hearing about the war.


Vernon Grant was a pioneer, mixing some of the best aspects of American comics and Japanese manga years before anybody else thought to do it to produce a series of gentle and funny stories that were both thoroughly quirky and thoroughly enjoyable. It is wonderful to see these back in print. Vernon deserves to be discovered by a whole new generation.

Craig Shaw Gardner, New York Times bestselling author of Temporary Monsters
outh Vietnam.

After spending the day reading Adventures of Point-Man Palmer in Vietnam, it appears to me that Vernon Grant was quite the scholar and humanitarian. His effort to achieve his goals in life and pursue what he loved to do most (telling stories) made it an interesting read. I thoroughly enjoyed the cartoons, especially those from the Vietnam War era. Some of them looked familiar to me and it's possible I may have seen his work in one of the Stars and Stripes issues. Having been in Vietnam, I Corps, in 1970 and 1971, I could identify with his characters and story lines of the soldiers serving in both the rear and the field. This book about Vernon Grant, with his remarkable art and writings, is well done and I encourage everyone to take the time to read and enjoy it.

Joe Barbero, Sgt., Chief of Section, B Btry., 2nd of 11th Artillery, 101st Abn. Div., Forward Air Controller, Catkiller 55 , 220th Recon. Airplane Co., Phu Bai, South Vietnam.